Denise McCall

Founder/Executive Creative Director

Denise McCall is an artist, design and marketing & communications veteran, creating brand identities and communications in the United States for over 33 years.  McCall founded her studio as it is today McCall Studio, a Division of DMVISUAL, in 1988, assisting with design/production/advertising at the Nation's foremost horticultural educational nonprofit, Longwood Gardens;  creating designs for organizations and contracting for diverse advertising and design firms of Art District Phila., Metro Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  McCall then expanded to work directly with various clients of the University of Pennsylvania and American Red Cross; creating award-winning custom visual brand identity communications; program initiatives and service identities; advertising campaigns, publications, annual reports and event promotions.  For over a decade, she was Sole Staff Artist, Creative Art Director, Production/Project Manager for the American Red Cross Chapter and Blood Services in Philadelphia, directly assisting local management and diverse other clients with brand communications long-term; leading national campaign design/prod./distribution/del'y, and helping with team events, telemarketing, and PR to the community.  In her tenure, she increased local organizational funds and impacted finances through her design/art direction work that sold nationally; and designed the first 40-foot bloodmobile wrap advertisement campaigns for the organization.  McCall continued to refine her brand and business plan and created solutions for other well-known nonprofits, educational institutions, artists and community enterprises in the Nation: Special Olympics, Mystic Aquarium, Texas A&M University, among numerous others.  She has also marketed and sold her original art/designs to galleries across the country; and lead brand event identity and advertising for the American Advertising Federation (AAF). In 2017, she added an educational gallery division with her studio relocation to Historic Manassas, VA, after 11 yrs. in the VA area.

McCall is one of 40 professionals in our Nation chosen and certified in the capstone Harvard University Business School Design Leadership Program in MA.  She holds a 4-Year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in PA; post graduate total 2 more years: Accredited 1-Year Computer Graphics Certification from Moore College of Art & Design in PA with further education in Web/Interactive Design & Marketing from Rhode Island School of Design, and joint venture study with Bryant College, both in RIShe is a longstanding member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), and AIGA The Professional Association for Design.  After and during eight years active duty military officer spouse community service, McCall's design and marketing & communications expertise was elected for continued public and social community service.  While President, Denise and her Board of Directors team established a logo and comprehensive award-winning multimedia identity campaign, a first for the 1950 established and growing U.S. Navy Washington D.C. Corps Community Organization; and her Public Relations correspondence and outreach during this time helped inspire new directives at the national level.  The Web Site, Mobile Site, Facebook Page, Public Relations and Crisis Communications has continued to speak to the community and across the world into the decade, through multiple presidencies until the start of 2014.  This case study work was also featured and published by AIGA in 2012 with later updates.  After over 12 years serving the military community, McCall was selected Military Entrepreneur by Inc. of NYC.  Her inhouse communications work, and Studio contract work with the American Red Cross in the United States spanning two-decades continues into this third decade.  McCall's custom bus wrap 40-foot ad mobile campaigns, group initiative branding, and various other identities for clients reach target audiences effectively, repeatedly.  If you have unique visual/communication needs and goals, we have creative enduring image solutions! We Create & Foster Enduring Image!

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McCall Honors and Awards

Thirteen-time American Advertising Award® Winner, American Advertising Federation (AAF); Campaigns, Annual Reports, Illustrations; Logos, Animations, Brand Identities, Event Advertisements

2021, 2018 Communicator Awards®/AVIA, Multimedia Brandings

2018 Telly Award, Video Brand

2018 (March & May) Featured in Prince William Living Magazine

2017 Added Educational Gallery Division to business, DBA McCall Studio Gallery; Featured in Discover Western Prince William Newspaper

2014 PW Chamber Business Awards honoring top businesses, Nominee/One of the Program Finalists; and featured in PW Today, & other community publications

2013 Selected Inc. 500/5000 Military Entrepreneur Program, Washington, DC

2014, 2012, 2010, 2009 Communication Awards® and Davey Awards®, International Award, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), NYC, NY; Logos/Branding & Environmental Campaigns, Websites and Public Relations/Social Media Sites

2013/Spring, 2012/Fall; McCall honored to be chosen an Adjunct Professor teaching Visual Communications at NOVA.

Innovation Award 2000; National American Red Cross (ARC) Recruitment Campaigns

Ten-time National Communication Excellence Award Winner, Elizabeth Dole; Recruitment Campaigns, Recruitment Posters

Chief of Civil Engineers Coin and Certificate, US Navy; Leadership; 2010/09

Art Directors Club of Philadelphia Award; 250th Special Edition Communication; 1990

2001 American Red Cross Tiffany Award, 1st-level Superior Customer Service; Caring, Truth, & Fortitude; "has set and then raised the standards for visual communications"

Quality Award 1999; Area-wide American Red Cross Award for Organization Recruitment Campaigns

Extra Mile American Red Cross Organization Award; 1995

2000 CEO ARC Award for Helping Clients Exceed Yearly Goals, Brigid O'Neill-LaGier; and CEO Award helping exceed drive goal, Guiness Book of World Records', Kathleen Glackin.

Permanent Collection, Temple University School of Dentistry, PA; Poster

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