Tuesday, October 11, 2011

McCall Design Studio Designs 40-ft. American Red Cross Advertising Wraps

The American Red Cross, a national nonprofit organization saving lives every day, partners with McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications to create new 3M full-color advertising wrap designs.  The wraps surround the three 40-ft. self contained bloodmobile vehicles for their northeast regional communities.  American Red Cross self contained bloodmobiles in the community increase awareness of the need for blood to approximately millions of people in the community per year, for years.  The bloodmobiles also are a way to collect blood for patients in the community every day, through small facilities that may not have the space for traditional blood drives.  These bloodmobiles help the American Red Cross reach as many people as possible with their important message.  Volunteer blood donors are needed every day to help critically ill patients in communities across the country.