Friday, October 14, 2011

McCall is one of 40 in the Nation Certified at Harvard University (HBS) Capstone Design Leadership Program

McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications is one of 40 design leaders selected and certified in The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Harvard Business School (HBS) Capstone Program, “Business Perspectives for Design Leaders” at Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The in-depth education program completed included a diverse group of design professionals from a wide range of companies.  Target, Cisco Systems, L.L. Bean, IBM, Yahoo, Educational Institutions, Razorfish, and many small to mid-size firms were part of this unique cutting edge program.  Professional achievement and organizational responsibility are the main criteria for admission to this program, and acceptance was subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee, comprised of AIGA executives, and renowned Harvard Business School faculty members.


The group of 40 selected design professionals worked together with top Harvard faculty on strategy, marketing, branding, finance, communication, customer relationships, cost-based decisions, negotiation, and knowledge management.  This intensive program was designed for a select group of senior design executives who work direct with clients to develop strategic and cohesive design solutions to client challenges.  “Business Perspectives” used focused case studies, lectures, guest speakers, HBS textbooks, the Baker Library resources, the research and technology lab, and study groups to examine cutting edge topics, address critical issues, and engage top minds in dynamic discussions and networking.


The mission of McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications is to continue to engage and collaborate with organizations, institutions, agencies, and companies to create effective visual communication solutions that will contribute to the growth, progress, and well-being of each individual enterprise.  As a leader in the design/advertising industry, McCall Design Studio makes a difference for you and your target audience in a world where change has become the only constant, and where so much competes for our hearts, minds, and attention.  For more information, please contact us at: