McCall Adjunct Teaching at Northern Virginia Community College

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For Immediate Release: 

Denise McCall of McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications is honored to be adjunct teaching at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA).  McCall is teaching Visual Communications, and has 24 years of expertise in Visual Communications:  Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Marketing & Communications, and Advertising.  NOVA states it is the largest educational institution in Virginia, the second-largest community college in our nation, and one of the most internationally diverse colleges in the United States.  The community college's mission is to deliver world-class education to aid our community, our economy, and the world we live in.  McCall is excited to partner with the college faculty and students in these goals.

McCall, Founder/Chief Creative Officer of McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications has experience with associations, our Prince William Chamber of Commerce, nonprofits, institutions, the military, and enterprises across our nation.  McCall is one of 40 design leaders selected and certified in The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Harvard University School of Business (HBS) Capstone Executive Design Leadership Program at Harvard University School of Business, Cambridge, MA.  The in-depth executive program completed included a diverse group of design professionals from a wide range of companies.  Target, Cisco Systems, L.L. Bean, IBM, Yahoo, Educational Institutions, Razorfish, and many small to mid-size studios and firms were part of this unique cutting edge program.  Professional achievement and organizational responsibility are the main criteria for admission to this program, and acceptance was subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee, comprised of AIGA executives, and renowned Harvard University School of Business faculty members.  McCall's creative expertise and management/art direction has helped form the corporate identity of the American Red Cross for over two decades.  McCall holds a B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, PA, and DP/CG 1-Year Professional Certification from Moore College of Art and Design, PA with Continuing Education from Rhode Island School of Design, RI.

The mission of McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications is to partner with organizations, institutions, agencies, and companies to create effective visual communication solutions that will contribute to the growth, progress, and well-being of our communities.  As a leader in the design, marketing & communications and advertising industries, McCall has made a difference for enterprises across our nation.  Her studio can make a difference for you and your target audience in a world where change has become the only constant, and where so much competes for our hearts, minds, and attention.  For more information, please contact the studio at: today.


McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications is affiliated with AIGA, AAF, PW Chamber of Commerce, and MSBA.  McCall has mentored students, businesses, and individuals in her career.


SOURCE: NOVA website for college stats.