McCall, Publicly Recognized by PW Chamber end of 25th Anniversary Year!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For Immediate Release – January 22, 2014  -  McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications (DMVISUAL), is a nominee and program finalist in community outreach and business (0-5) categories at the Prince William Chamber Business Awards at the Hylton Performing Arts Center Event, January 22, 2014.  This event honors the best businesses and individuals of the membership of PW Chamber, the largest in VA and the DC Metro Area.  This event was especially memorable for McCall, Founder/CCO, this 25th year in business.  McCall has served as consultant across our country in local, regional, and national outreach to national nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, businesses, the military and military communities.  In our community, she has also been with this chamber since July 2011, Charter Founding Member and Ambassador/Mentor since September 2011, and Committee Member of the DC Ad Club.  McCall founded her company in 1988 with a desire to use her creativity for good, working for advertising and design agencies of Metro Philadelphia, and then built her expertise contract working directly with various enterprises in various capacities.  Prior to 1988, she held sales positions for retail establishments and worked marketing and ad/signage type jobs. 


Starting Jan. 22, 1990, the same day as this special event, Denise started her creative work for one of the largest American Red Cross Chapters in the nation.  For over a decade she was sole artist, art director/production manager leading the corporate identity design for American Red Cross Chapter and Blood Region in Philadelphia, directly serving local, regional, and later division, and national clients through the years.  She built much of her customer service, marketing and communications expertise; and worked on team event planning, ambassador responsibilities, archive exhibits, and PR responsibilities. McCall’s business has continued to be creative partner for American Red Cross for over another decade, and into this new decade.


Later, as military spouse who owned a business, she relocated her business to many states and her business served those military and local communities. She also led creative for the American Advertising Federation and designed for educational institutions.  As a Harvard University/AIGA selected National Design Leader and Program Graduate, she continued her education in MA.  McCall has served military communities on active duty spouse service for a total of 8 years, with the 9th year creating an award-winning multimedia campaign with her board of directors, and event and website brandings and development through the years that served the community that serves worldwide. 


October 2013, she completed her continued 4 years retired service to the DC Navy CEC Military Community with maintaining the new websites and social media public relation communications, with crisis communications for the community during the Washington Navy Yard incident in September 2013.  March 2013, her studio celebrates 25 years, and in October, Denise was selected by INC. 500/5000 Military Entrepreneur 2013. 


We celebrate 25 years together.  McCall feels much aided her in her success through the years.  Many people who gave her the opportunity of great responsibility at a young age and throughout her career — giving her the opportunity to develop her vision, own methods and styles.  Working with fantastic individuals of communities and enterprises, and McCall’s education and early work experience set her up with high standards of excellence.  Many early team members through the years influenced her career, and at times collaborated with her in her jobs.


Denise was honored to be featured in PW Today with the event “Special Edition,” and the Jan. 24-30th publication, and likes using her expertise for the good of communities/enterprises — continuing her design communications studio, with full-service new team venture this 2014!  Call on McCall for an appointment today!, or visit for more information!