McCall's I Belong Campaign 2015 Work for PW Chamber Recognized at State of Chamber Annual Meeting

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

For Immediate Release:  McCall, Owner of McCall Design Studio, Visual Communications LLC (DMVISUAL) was recognized June 30, 2015 at the Annual Meeting State of the Prince William Chamber Luncheon with guest speaker Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.  McCall's strategic work monthly since the launch of the I Belong Campaign, with a large committee in January 2015, has brought emphasis to area businesses, pride in the Chamber and outreach to our community — promoting events, staff, and the great work of the Chamber and their new goals.  At many special events she worked, she wore the campaign button and photographed and promoted this initiative with passion, and steady strategic posts of impact around events and meetings.  McCall was a honored guest at this special event, and recognized along with Chairman of Board of City Supervisors' Marty Nohe, and 3 other people.  The Chamber reported this campaign as "hugely successful" and 100% goals of organization were reported for the year 2015-2014.  The Prince William Chamber focuses efforts in the key areas of business growth, economic development, advocacy, education and community outreach.  In this way, they are building a solid foundation for the success of business members and our community at large.  McCall is a Charter Founding Member, Ambassador for Chamber/Mentor for Businesses since 2011, and was chosen to communicate and market Chamber goals and events visually through social media content and in person, including this marketing campaign outreach.  McCall was recognized at the event with Honorable Mention by the Chamber Chair for this successful outreach campaign, and flowers were given to her from Membership Director.  McCall has advised and provided image and market communication solutions for national and local organizations, educational institutions, associations and community for over 27 years.  If you need to create concise communication impact for your goals, contact McCall:  -  Together, we can create big image for your type of business!